Choo-Choo Chair

11 Mar

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

We have two dogs, two people, and one couch. For most people, this wouldn’t be a problem. These people do not have our dogs. Our dogs have their own pillow, but our dogs do not like each other that much. They’d really prefer that only one dog was on the pillow at any given time. First dog on the pillow, gets the pillow. The other dog gets the couch.

And that’s where the problem comes in. You see, our dogs are not really the kind of dogs that curl up in a little ball to sleep. They’re more of the lounging type. The large dog can take up two full couch cushions without even stretching out her back legs. We need more seating.

(Please don’t say anything about disciplining the dogs. I don’t tell you to dust more often. Maybe our dogs need more couch space. You don’t know them. )

Thus, I have been after a chair for our living room. I’ve plagued Husband with dozens of pictures over the past few weeks. Conversations have gone like this:

me: Can I show you a few pictures of chair possibilities?

husband: I’ll look at 2.

me: But I have 6 to show you!

husband: Reduce your list to 2.

So I’d reduce. Husband would veto both. I’d start another list. But then, I got cleverer–er, um, more clever.

And I found a train chair. That happens to be a wing-back (my top choices were usually wing-backs). Trains are sacred in our home because Husband’s father is a train engineer. (Isn’t that cool?!?) So this chair was worth checking out. And bringing home.

So, after a trip across town, scaring a neighbor (I swore that the address was 1024–!), walking through what looked like a home straight from an episode of Hoarding, Buried Alive, $45 on a pretty good chair, 30 minutes of swearing as we gently wrestled the chair into my Civic, 10 minutes swearing as we roughly wrestled the chair out of the Civic, an hour scrubbing the chair with carpet cleaner, and a day drying in the sun on the balcony, I give you our new chair:

Roxie sits in the train chair.

The big dog made an appearance to demonstrate scale (she is about 70 pounds).

As I write this, the little dog is napping in the chair, the big dog is napping on the dog pillow, and Husband and I are lounging on the couch. Having another chair is great. The added bonus that Husband and I both agree on and like the chair just makes me smile…

And our decorate-as-we-go style continues…


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