Preparing for Guests

14 Mar

We have company coming this week to stay in our office/guest room/craft room/basketball watching room.

The bed in our multi-use room is also known as “Roxie’s bed.” She spends a lot of the day relaxing protecting the house from her position at the foot of the bed, nestled into a quilt that I made a while back. Usually she keeps a shoe beside her, for company.

Having guests means that I have to wash the sheets because Rox’s relaxation techniques protective instincts add a fine layer of hair to the bed that I feel may put off some guests.

Roxie’s not a fan of the washing process.

Rox doesn't like this washing-the-sheets bit.

Roxie looks sadly out from the bed.

Relegated to the floor.

While Raider’s not really a fan of me spending time only photographing Roxie.

Raider invades the picture.

So Roxie, forced to spend time on the newly vacuumed carpet (rather than re-hairy-ing up those clean sheets), is left to sulk alone.

Ray says to play ball instead.

While Raider and I go to observe a higher calling.

(I hate to do this to her. She really really stresses about her bed being unavailable. But she is a dog. I mean, even I find all that hair a little gross. Sorry big girl.)


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