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Husband’s 2010 Christmas Quilt

30 Mar

Before we were married, husband’s mother gave me A LOT of a very special fabric. It’s green and yellow and orange and brown. Triangles. The fabric is special because husband’s grandmother picked it out for him a long time ago (hence the color scheme). Unfortunately, she became ill and passed away before she could make anything for her grandson out of the fabric.

You can see the fabric here, on top:

Fabric laid out.

So, last October, I picked out some coordinating fabric to make a small lap quilt (see that laid out below the special fabric, above). I decided to follow Crazy Mom Quilt‘s tutorial on How to Make a Zig-Zag Quilt Without Piecing Triangles on the Bee Square Blog. I followed the directions there (really great directions!) and made a quilt top in time to wrap up and present to husband for Christmas.

Then I had to make the back, the quilt sandwich, hand-quilt, and hand-sew the binding. And today, ta-da!, all done:

All finished!

I’m pleased with it.

I’ve hand-quilted baby quilts another person sewed, and I’ve made a lap quilt that I tied, but this is the largest quilt that I’ve created entirely from start to finish by myself. I made a lot of mistakes, but I think I solved most of them. And I learned a whole lot.

There’s tons of special fabric left to make something else out of.

And, stroke of luck, there’s a cold front moving through today, so we’ll stay a little chilly. Maybe husband can actually make use of his quilt for a night or two before we have to pack it away for the hot Texas summer.

Until he gets home, Roxie has been testing out its warming potential:

Roxie cuddles in the quilt.

(In a little while, I’ll get up the courage to wash this. And then I’ll take more pictures when it’s poofy and soft from the dryer. In a little while…)


Spring Buds in the Morning

21 Mar

A 12″x48″ painting for our living room:

A painting I did.

(Acrylic on canvas. By me!)

Seashell Practice #1

8 Mar

I’m thinking of painting a really big canvas to go over our television set. I’ll define “really big” as time progresses.

This canvas, that I’m thinking of, would be filled with a line of huge seashells in bright colors. We love the beach. We love to go to the beach. I’ve tried to limit beach themes though. I’m thinking that bright colors would stay in tune with our happy, colorful living room.

So, in thinking, I painted a little one hour seashell portrait today in bright colors (5″x7″):


I like it.

I’m still non-committal though.

I’m thinking.